Am I Binge Drinking?

Am I Binge Drinking?

How To Tell If Someone You Love Is Binge Drinking

Drinking is practically an American past time at this point. Go to virtually any bar in the United States on a given Friday or Saturday evening, and you are likely to find a herd of people ordering up drinks and having a good time. A lot of them are enjoying themselves and are just trying to unwind a little bit. However, there is some segment of the population that does not know when to stop. They can take the enjoyment of drinking alcohol too far. They may be doing what is known as binge drinking.

How Can You Tell When Someone Has Gone Too Far?

This is essentially an age-old question. People all around the world want to know how much is too much. There are a wide variety of opinions on this topic as many want to think that the amount that they consume is within reasonable limits. However, that may or may not be the case according to statistics.

Drinking in small doses would mean having about one to two regular-sized drinks in a given setting. As you start to creep higher than that, you can run into problem territory. One or two drinks doesn't sound like all that much at all to the vast majority of us, and that is why it is so eye-opening to so many people that they could be classified as someone who technically abuses alcohol.

The standards are different for a woman compared to a man. The difference is because the male body tends to have more muscle within it and generally contains more mass as well. Thus, the male body, on average, can absorb more alcohol without the same impacts as the female body. However, the difference is rather small.

A binge is when a woman has four or more drinks in a single sitting or when a man has five or more drinks in a single session. That could be a typical party for a lot of people, but it is technically something that should throw up a red flag.

Thinking About Behaviors

There are certain behaviors that a person who has alcohol problems is likely to exhibit as well. You might notice that they partake in dangerous activities such as driving after they have been drinking, taking illicit drugs, or engaging in sexual activity that they would not otherwise engage in. These are all significant signs that there could be a problem.

We have an issue in our society today that causes many of these things to be brushed aside as not a big deal. People often laugh about their drunken nights and the activities that they got involved in during those nights. However, these are not laughing matters. The reality is that things such as those described above could be severe indeed.

Even One Binge Drinking Session Could Lead To A Problem

A single binge on alcohol may not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to more severe problems. While virtually everyone who has consumed alcohol in their life has gone on at least one binge (and most have done many more than that), it is worrying because there are some in the population who are more prone to having issues with alcohol than others. People who have a family history of alcohol abuse need to be concerned about how much they consume and why they are consuming it in the first place.

Considering Why A Person Is Drinking To Begin With

People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons. Some don't even realize the layers of psychology that go into why they grab that next beer. We might think that the only reason that people drink alcohol is to try to have a good time, but that is not necessarily the only reason. As it turns out, alcohol is a depressant drug. This means that taking it makes depressive feelings amplified in the body of the person who is drinking.

Some alcohol consumption tends to bring about a euphoric feeling that most of us are familiar with, but after drinking enough, it can make a person start to feel some very different emotions indeed. It can make them begin to feel depressed or simply upset about certain events that have taken place in their life. They may even be drinking in the first place to numb some pain from their life as it has gone up to this point. All of these are very realistic and often very troubling results of drinking too often.

Monetary And Family Impacts

One of the topics that we have not discussed in-depth to this point is how drinking frequently or in large amounts can make a person lose a lot of earnings potential and end up putting a strain on family relationships as well. It is devastating to see how alcohol can take away so much from some people one little decision at a time. It is not often that a person stops to think about how much they are spending on alcohol when they go to the store to buy it, but it adds up over time.

Some people have experienced strain in their finances simply because they cannot afford to continue the alcoholic lifestyle that they have taken on for themselves at this point. Their families may also feel at a loss for what to do because they cannot afford to support the habit that their loved one has taken on, and they don't want to help something so damaging in general. It is a risk that you don't want to take.

If You Have To Ask The Question Then There Is Probably An Issue

It is glib to say, but it is also true that if you have to ask if you have a drinking problem, then you probably do. Those who use alcohol from time to time won't even have the thought about if they are in danger of abusing alcohol in all likelihood. However, those who do have a problem frequently ask themselves these questions internally. They start to worry about if they are going to have to tackle this issue in their own life or not.

There is no time like the present to do something about any potential drinking problem that you may have. You can take steps today to make the way that you live your life look a lot different. There are a lot of professional resources out there that are designed to help you. You can always start by speaking with your close family and friends about these issues, of course, but you may also want to consider using professional outlets to get some extra help.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a source that a lot of people have had success with before, but they are not the only choice out there. You can speak with a therapist or choose any other number of routes to get the help you need. The most important thing is to realize and admit that you have a problem and then move forward to addressing it from there.